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3 Outline Modes

Outlining helps you find objects small and large. Acesight can define the edges of everything in white or black.


16x Highest Magnification

Acesight can magnify everything you look at up to 16x normal size. The image looks great and feels like you’re looking at a widescreen TV.


60 fps Refresh Rate

With the image refreshing 60 times per second, Acesight provides an amazing view that doesn’t lag and won’t leave you feeling dizzy.

Recommended by Dr. Ed Paul, OD, PhD

“Because of the superior quality of their products and their outstanding customer support, my patients do very well with the Acesight Electronic Glasses.”

Dr Paul Edward headshot
Enjoy Your Favorite TV Show with Acesight

Enjoy Your Favorite TV Show

We all enjoy watching television. With the amazing image quality in Acesight family, you can sit back in your comfy chair and continue the enjoyment of watching TV. They work great with computers too.

Wear and Use Quickly

Learning to use any Acesight product is quick and intuitive. Controlling Acesight is as easy as using a TV remote.

Look at phone with low vision aid Acesight VR electronic glasses on
Look Around Smoothly with Acesight

Look Around Smoothly

With a super-fast 60Hz refresh rate and an open design that doesn’t cover your peripheral vision, looking around with Acesight feels natural and comfortable. Unlike other solutions, Acesight products won’t make you feel dizzy and the image never lags behind. 

Hands Free Use Everywhere

Whether you’re cutting bread to make a sandwich or pouring a cup of coffee, you’ll be able to use both hands to do so while wearing Acesight, Acesight S, or Acesight VR.

Acesight enables you to free your hands to do what you want, like playing guitar.
The augmented reality technology of Acesight intensifies your view with high contrast colors and outlines.

Enhance Your View

In addition to natural color, Acesight can convert your world into a variety of high contrast colors, including light text on a dark background. Best of all, we can even outline the view to add definition to objects around you.

Keep Active with Acesight*

Take Acesight outside while walking around your garden or your neighborhood, or use it at the store or a favorite restaurant.

*Walking should only be attempted while wearing Acesight or Acesight S.

Wear Acesight and order food at your favorite restaurant.

Get Acesight and Regain Your Visual Independence.

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