Can I watch television or use a computer with Acesight without being inches from the screen?

Great news! Acesight is quite possibly the best wearable video magnifier in the world for looking at a television or computer screen. The image looks amazing.

If you like watching sports on TV, use Acesight to look at the score on the screen. Use it with virtually any computer or mobile device to see things on the screen without the need for special software or other special technology.

Where can I get the full specification of Acesight?

All the specifications of Acesight are listed on Acesight brochure. View or download them via the dropbox links.

Can I walk or drive while wearing Acesight?

You should never attempt to drive while wearing Acesight. The open design of Acesight does not impact your peripheral vision (if you have any), which means you can walk around while wearing Acesight. Just remember that if you use a cane or any other device to assist with mobility, you should continue to do so even when wearing Acesight.

I have played the organ at my local church. Can Acesight help me to see the sheet music?


Because of the open design of Acesight, you’re able to glance down if needed to ensure proper placement of your fingers on the keyboard (or strings if you’re playing guitar) while also being able to look straight ahead at the sheet music, adjusting magnification and contrast as needed, using the Acesight controller.

Is Acesight FDA approved?

The manufacturer of Acesight is ISO-9001 certified, and Acesight is a Class I Medical device registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How long can I use the Acesight?

Acesight will work for more than 4 hours on a full charge.

I’m not very technically minded. Is Acesight complicated to use?

If you can use a TV remote to change the volume or channel, you will probably feel right at home with Acesight.

  • The connected controller features bright orange buttons for zoom in and zoom out.
  • A couple of other buttons allow you to switch between different high contrast modes (black on white or white on black, for example), or to take a picture of something.
  • Orientation with Acesight can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.
  • Some people may feel comfortable using Acesight within 5-10 minutes.
  • The User Guide and Quick Guide provide full information about how to use Acesight. View or download them via the dropbox links.
I tried a wearable video magnifier in the past, but it sometimes left me feeling dizzy. Am I likely to experience that with Acesight?

There are a couple of reasons why other magnifiers may make you feel dizzy.

  • The first is that virtually all other solutions wrap completely around the eyes, blocking off your peripheral vision.
  • The second is that the display rate of all other wearable video magnifiers is much slower than Acesight, causing images to ‘ghost’ or lack smoothness as you move your head to look around. This is a key reason that all other devices advise you not to walk or move around while wearing them.

Thankfully, Acesight features a unique open design that does not block your peripheral vision. Best of all, the display rate of Acesight is the fastest which results in an always smooth image as you move your head to look around.

As my eye condition has worsened, so too has my ability to see the faces of people around me, such as my grandchildren. Is this something Acesight could help with?

Looking at faces is certainly possible. Where before you might have only seen part of a person’s face, the impressive 45-degree field of view in Acesight means you will be able to capture the entire face.

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