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Electronic Glasses for Visually Impaired People with Low Vision.

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Hayley wearing Acesight electronic glasses for low vision at chicago lighthouse

“I have never seen so much detail in my life. It was shocking, freedom, and unbelievable.”

Hayley P., Diagnosed with Bilateral Optic Nerve, Hypoplasia, Esotropia, and Nystagmus

Our Partners

The Chicago Lighthouse
William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center
UC Berkeley
UHCO Center for Sight Enhancement

See Face of Your Loved One

If you have a limited field of vision,

Acesight can help you see the whole picture.

See Things You Struggled with

view without Electronic glasses Acesight series for low vision

Do certain objects appear invisible to you?

outline function of Electronic glasses Acesight series for low vision

Find them with Acesight.

Simple to Use, Quick to Master

confused to use

Using new technology can be challenging;

hold Acesight low vision aids controller

Using Acesight is very easy.

Move Around

Open design lets you walk around

45° Field of View

Extra wide view lets you see more


Lightweight, ideal for extended use

See Bigger

Magnify things up to 15x normal size

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