About Us

Acesight is a brand new product line from Zoomax Technology Co., Limited.

It began with a simple question: what is the future for products for people with visual impairments? With the fast developing field of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology, today’s microprocessor could easily help robots understand the world through sensors and cameras. Why not use such technology to help people with visual impairment?

With more than 10 years’ experience with industrial sensors and camera development, our team started to use Machine Vision technology to help humans see better. Working together with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)  and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Zoomax developed a set of special sensors, micro-processors and algorithms, to form a combination of artificial vision technology to solve the problems associated with visual impairment.

With Acesight, it was born for enhancing your vision significantly. You can watch TV, work with the computer, read books, look at others facial expressions, watch kids play sports, etc. Acesight means being able to see the face of a loved one for the first time in your life, as well as enjoy lasting life quality and visual independence.

Thanks to augmented reality technology, we are able to make the display of Acesight transparent and edgeless. This leaves your peripheral vision intact, allowing you to enjoy walking while wearing the device. We are proud when hearing the user said:  “ It feels like I have bionic sight!”

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Electronic glasses that let you see.


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