Is Acesight for Me?

Acesight greatly increases the visual field for patients with a less than 20-degree field of residual central view, and delivers significant improvement in near visual ability for low vision people.

Acesight Narrow Display Mode for Tunnel Vision

For Tunnel Vision

Zoom out to capture everything in view. The Narrow Display mode (1/4 and 1/16) can be used to shrink the image into your viewable area. The shrunken image can be moved around the display to suit your needs.

For Low Contrast Sensitivity

High contrast color can help people with low contrast sensitivity to identify words, objects and faces more easily.

Acesight High Contrast Color Helps People with Low Contrast Sensitivity See
Acesight Outline Function Enhances the Sight With Lines on the Edges of Things in View

For Blurry Vision

The Outline feature adds lines to edges of virtually everything in view. The thickness and contrast of outlining is adjustable.

For Nystagmus

Floating reading mode lets you freeze the view, and present it as a large, stable, still image. Adjust the zoom as preferred, and move your head to pan around the image.

Acesight Floating Reading Mode Freezes the View to Benefit Nystagmus Eye Condition
Acesight Find Function Facilitates the Object Search in View at High Magnification Levels

For All Eye Conditions

The Find function makes it easier to locate things when using a higher magnification.

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