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Acesight VR Introduction: How to Use It

Acesight VR is a wearable and user-friendly low vision VR glasses, which provides excellent image quality and fantastic option for those with low vision.

Watch this video to see how to use it!

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Acesight VR: Tech Improves Your Vision

High- tech E-glasses, Acesight VR allows you to read print, watch a movie or sports games, and even do outdoor activities. Even in low light, Acesight VR can produce a stunning image!

Acesight VR Electronic Glasses

Electronic glasses for low vision, Acesight VR, is LAUNCHED! Watch this unboxing video to see what’s to be expect.

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Acesight Family

Different Acesight Models Introduction

Acesight, Acesight S and Acesight VR are the 3 members of Acesight series currently. If you feel like all models suit you, thus get confused, watch the video to learn which one helps you the most.

Acesight/Acesight S

A Demonstration of the Acesight Electronic Glasses

An Acesight review presented by the Chicago Lighthouse Adaptive Technology Center.

Acesight User Stories

6 interesting stories we would like to share with you About how Acesight works! Check the YouTube playlist out, or start with the video.


Our Acesight instructional videos cover a wide range of topics. Just click on any of the links to learn more! There is transcript in each video page to facilitate the screen reading.

Instructional videos of Acesight S are not available. Yet that’s not a problem!

  • For everything else than How to Use Acesight part, you can take the Acesight S same as Acesight. Please check out the Acesight videos below on this page.
  • Regarding how to use Acesight S, a quick guide is here to help. You will be able to learn it through the guide within 5 minutes.

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1. Unpacking Your Acesight

This video explains what is in the box when you first receive Acesight.

2. Headset

A good introduction to Acesight, with all important things explained.

3. Controller

The controller contains all the buttons necessary to use Acesight. This video explains all.

4. Charging Your Acesight

It’s simple to charge Acesight. This video shows you how.

5. Putting on Your Acesight

How you wear Acesight, matters. This video helps ensure you wear it correctly and comfortably.

6. How to Use Acesight

You can start here if you want to jump right in! All features covered.

7. Moving Around with Acesight

If you have some peripheral vision, walking around is possible. Learn more here.

Acesight VR

Acesight VR Review

An Acesight VR review presented by Sam from The Blind Life.


Here are some videos about details of Acesight VR electronic glasses. You will learn the following things via the videos:


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Electronic glasses that let you see.


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