4. Charging Your Acesight

Acesight Instructional Video #4: Charging Your Acesight


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Ok, so charging Acesight is really simple. You plugged the power or adapter into the wall and with the other end, we are going to lift up our controller. We’re going to insert on one side.

As I do, we’re going to see this blue LED light. Typically, when charging is taking place this light will flash on and off. Right now, we have a fully charged device and the light is solid blue. That indicates that it is fully charged.

It’s worth noting, you can if you wish, use Acesight for extended periods of time with the controller permanently plugged in. It’s okay. I can disconnect and when I do, you’ll notice that the blue LED light has switched off. Again, switching on is going to be a long press for about two seconds.

After I do that, I get the green light instead of the blue. And again, since this is already on, if I plug it in it’s now switched back to blue, indicating that you are connected to power.

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