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Can I walk or drive while wearing Acesight?

You should never attempt to drive while wearing any Acesight product. The open design of Acesight/Acesight S does not impact your peripheral vision (if you have any), which means you can walk around while wearing it. Just remember that if you use a cane or any other device to assist with mobility, you should continue to do so even when wearing Acesight.

Is Acesight heavy when I wear it?

The Acesight headset weighs less than 1 pound (0.8 pounds, 360 grams). When worn correctly, the weight is evenly distributed around the head. All Acesight products are a very comfortable device to wear. You can watch the instructional videos about wearing Acesight properly.

I have noticed that some wearable magnifiers become quite hot after extended use. How does Acesight compare?

It’s true that their products can reach an internal operating temperature of 50 degrees Celsius / 120 Fahrenheit within 10 minutes, which can certainly feel uncomfortable. By contrast Acesight/Acesight S reaches an internal operating temperature of 38 degrees Celsius / 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is similar to the human body temperature.

The Acesight series design results in a comfortable wearing experience, even with extended periods of use.

Can Acesight work for me? My eye condition is…

Normally, Acesight series works for people with eye diseases listed on the Home page. However, every person is unique, and some people have multiple eye diseases simultaneously. Besides, different Acesight products will vary with the effect on different eye conditons. Many users determine its applicability after trying Acesight out in real life.

Therefore, please contact us to discuss your specific situation. Appropriate advice will be offered before recommending a trial.

Can I watch television or use a computer with Acesight without being inches from the screen?

Great news! Acesight series is quite possibly the best wearable video magnifier in the world for looking at a television or computer screen. The image looks amazing.

If you like watching sports on TV, use Acesight to look at the score on the screen. Use it with virtually any computer or mobile device to see things on the screen without the need for special software or other special technology.

I tried a wearable video magnifier in the past, but it sometimes left me feeling dizzy. Am I likely to experience that with Acesight?

There are a couple of reasons why other magnifiers may make you feel dizzy.

  • The first is that virtually all other solutions wrap completely around the eyes, blocking off your peripheral vision.
  • The second is that the display rate of all other wearable video magnifiers is much slower than Acesight, causing images to ‘ghost’ or lack smoothness as you move your head to look around. This is a key reason that all other devices advise you not to walk or move around while wearing them.

Thankfully, Acesight features a unique open design that does not block your peripheral vision. Best of all, the display rate of Acesight is the fastest which results in an always smooth image as you move your head to look around.

Can I watch a movie in the cinema with Acesight?

We have customers who wear Acesight to the cinema and even to the symphony. They really enjoy the experience. Please request a demo to determine how much Acesight family will help you with movie watching.

Is Acesight product complicated to use?

If you can use a TV remote to change the volume or channel, you will probably feel right at home with Acesight series.

  • The connected controller features bright orange buttons for zoom in and zoom out.
  • A couple of other buttons allow you to switch between different high contrast modes (black on white or white on black, for example), or to take a picture of something.
  • Orientation with Acesight/Acesight S can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.
  • Some people may feel comfortable using Acesight products within 5-10 minutes.
  • The User Guide and Quick Guide provide full information about how to use Acesight. View or download them via the dropbox links. Quick Guide of Acesight S is available too.
  • Watch a short video about How to Use Your Acesight, and you will see how simple and straightforward it is to use Acesight.

Am I too old/young to try an Acesight product?

There is no strict age requirement. As long as the head circumference is suitable, both children and the elderly can use Acesight products. In general, Acesight series is suitable from 8 years old children to people in their 90s.

As my eye condition has worsened, so too has my ability to see the faces of people around me, such as my grandchildren. Is this something Acesight product could help with?

Looking at faces is certainly possible. Where before you might have only seen part of a person’s face, the large field of view in Acesight/Acesight S means you will be able to capture the entire face.

Some areas of my field of view are dark and I have difficulty seeing the entire image, such as someone’s face. Can Acesight help?

Very possibly.

If your visual acuity is not especially bad, an Acesight feature called Narrow mode might be the solution. It works by reducing the total image into a smaller window that can be moved around to areas where you can see. This works equally well for people with tunnel vision or those with dark spots on different parts of the retina.

Please note that Narrow mode is not available on Acesight S.

For more information about how the function works, please leave a message.

I have a traditional visual aid. What is the difference between a traditional visual aid and Acesight product?

The use of traditional visual aids is limited.

For example, a handheld video magnifier has a smaller screen, while the desktops or CCTV magnifiers are less portable, and both are more useful for reading paper text.

Acesight series provides a larger field of view and can be applied to many scenarios such as watching TV, doing housework, watching scenery, playing cards with friends, using smart phones and computers, playing video games, etc.

The more you try Acesight, the more applications you will discover. Gradually, Acesight can function as your second pair of eyes.

Is Acesight FDA approved?

The manufacturer of Acesight is ISO-9001 certified, and Acesight is a Class I Medical device registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How to maintain an Acesight product?

No special maintenance is needed.

  • Do not use Acesight products in rain.
  • When not in use, store your Acesight in the protective case.
  • Occasionally wipe the visor with a cleaning cloth, similar to one you might use to clean eye glasses.

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