5. Putting on Your Acesight

Acesight Instructional Video #5: Putting On Your Acesight


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Ok, so now we’re going to actually put Acesight on for the first time.

I need to loosen the dial first. My head is a little bigger than some people, so I have to extend it quite a way. I’m going to place the device on my head. You’ll notice that the back of the device is actually just below the middle of the head. Tighten a little bit. The device is fine. Of course, I need to make sure it’s switched on. I’m going to do that too.

And then I’m going to do is to adjust the IPD. What that’s doing is making sure the screens are set fine for my eyesight. Perfect. And now I can see.

So, the camera is right here and everything this camera sees is now being projected on to the little displays right here. It’s actually very similar to me standing in front of a 50-inch television screen. I’m actually seeing a very big image of what’s in front of me. And of course, using the remote, I can make it even bigger up to 15X the size.

With Acesight, I can look at any TV, any computer screen, and magnify of course, using the controller to make the image be whatever it needs to be for a particular eye condition. In terms of removing the device, so I’m done, and depending on how tight it is, it is possible to just kind of push up and lift off.

But if you want, you can also just loosen the headset again. And the either leave it like that just place it on the table or tighten it if you’re going to pack it into the bag.

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