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Focus On Your Sight Exclusively.

Electronic glasses Acesight VR enable people with low vision to see the clearest image ever. 

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See Today with Acesight VR.

All-in-one wearable smart glasses. Sharp, fast, stunning.

Acesight VR delivers an amazing image, even in poor light conditions.

Stay connected with the world with Acesight VR!

5 Specifications & 8 Features
You Deserve​

2340×1080p Full HD+ Resolution
65-degree Wide Field of View (FOV)
48 Mega Pixels Camera
16x Highest Manification
1lb (460g) Light-weight

Vivid Color

Lag-free Move

Sharp Display

Fast Focus

Wider FOV

Light, Won't Fatigue

Wireless Control


image quality matters

Best Image Quality.

The clearer the image, the better you see. Seeing better is what Acesight VR is all about. When you see better, you get to focus on life.

Your Privacy Matters.

Acesight VR doesn’t use Wi-Fi. It keeps your vision and privacy away from any thrid party, and it doesn’t read what you see or store your personal information. Your sight belongs to yourself. 

TV Mate

Watch your favorite TV shows with an incredible smooth and bright image, but without the lag.

Cool Wearing

Acesight VR is cool in more ways than one. Best of all is the cool operating temperature, even after 1-2 hours of continuous use.

Easy & Comfy

There is nothing complicated about Acesight VR. Sit down, put it on, and enjoy what you see around you.

Virtually, Vision is Enhanced.

Object with outline on the edge, high contrasts, red frame to help finding, and smaller display for tunnel vision are the VR functions you can see with Acesight VR.

Click Is Acesight for Me for more information about a specific function and what eye condition it helps with.

Acesight VR Introduction: How to Use It

Acesight VR can magnify everything you look at up to 16x normal size. 

Acesight VR enhances your vision with high contrast color combos. 

The Outline feature adds lines to edges of virtually everything in view. The thickness and contrast of outlining is adjustable. 

The Find function makes it easier to locate things when using a higher magnification. 

Acesight VR: Tech Improves Your Vision

See as Clear as Possible.

The secret behind extraordinary display is the top hardware. Supported with powerful technology, Acesight VR is born for your clear view. Proudly, it remains more affordable!

See More Detailed with Acesight VR electronic glasses for people with visual impairment

See More Detailed

48 Megapixel

Acesight VR camera delivers 4 times more detailed image than 12 Megapixel ones.

See More Easily with Acesight VR electronic glasses for people with visual impairment

See More Easily

2340×1080p Full HD+

Extra 21.8% display compared with Full HD. Less noisy, and more smooth.

See Farther with Acesight VR electronic glasses for people with visual impairment

See Farther

Professional Image Processor

Video surveillance leveled processor that captures everything meters away instantly.

See wider with Acesight VR electronic glasses for people with visual impairment

See Wider

65° Field of View

See more of the world, without moving your head much.

People Say…

I was impressed by the image quality that definitely I noticed the first time I put it on.
the blind life
Sam Seavey
The Blind Life
It was a really great experience because of the camera and the image quality of the device.
Carrie Morales​
Carrie Morales
Live Accessible
This device may have less bells and whistles but the picture quality was better. I could actually see the screen in a simple and super easy to use.
Crazy Blind Jake
The optics are fantastic, and the learning curve is very short. I was able to set up the options very quickly and I use it in every possible instance that I could imagine. I have used it outside and inside, and even use it to watch television. In all cases it achieved all of my objectives.
Chuck F
Chuck F.
I’ll take the AceSight Vr for my particular vision loss. Thank you for your outstanding service and support in helping me make the best decision possible.
Jay H
Jay H.

If your visual acuity is between 20/100 and 20/600, and field of view is 10-degree or greater,

Acesight VR is for You.

You like the unit that let you see more. Watching TV, seeing faces, reading…

The world’s top assistive technology researchers love it.

Acesight team has been the expert in assistive image processing for over 20 years.

Get Acesight and Regain Your Visual Independence.

Electronic glasses that let you see.


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