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Maureen H using Acesight electronic glasses at lab

"Acesight allows me to better see the materials I’m working with."

“Acesight allows me to better see the materials I’m working with, and I think that’s the big thing — just being able to keep a safe distance from whatever materials I have to use with the added ease of doing my work throughout the day.”

Maureen H.

Texas A&M marine biology graduate student

"It's just really easy and simple to use."

Even when i went to the highest magnification level, it was still very detailed and very clear. And guys, I need a lot of magnification, and sometimes I'm using the maximum magnification. I had no problem using it with the Acesight VR.

Carrie Morales

Live Accessible 

Live Accessible with Acesight VR electronic glasses for low vision
Hayley P testimonial

"Feels like I have bionic sight."

I have never seen so much detail in my life. It was shocking, freedom, and unbelievable. I was even able to make things big enough where I didn’t get a head ache from having to focus too much.

Hayley P.

Diagnosed with Bilateral Optic Nerve, Hypoplasia, Esotropia, and Nystagmus

"My patients do very well with the Acesight electronic glasses."

We use Zoomax low vision aids because of the superior quality of their products and their outstanding customer support. My patients do very well with the Acesight electronic glasses.

Dr. Edward P.


Paul Edward headshot
Sam Seavey with Acesight VR

"I was impressed by the image quality that definitely I noticed the first time I put it on."

The small size only being a pound and being one of the smallest wearables on the market right now. It's also among the most affordable wearable on the market right now.

Sam Seavey

The Blind Life

“He could see his fiancée from across the room.”

The new Acesight device has enabled Tanner to go from 20/200 and 20/400 all the way down to 20/40, long distance vision!

For the first time in his life he could see what we see and it overwhelmed him. We walked to a restaurant to celebrate and again, for the first time, he was able to read the menu independently.

Susan W H.

Mother of Tanner

facebook screenshot

"I think that you have hit a homerun with Acesight VR!"

I have used it outside and inside, and even use it to watch television. In all cases it achieved all of my objectives.

Chuck F.

Visual Acuity 20/400

Pomeriggio Norba

On Tuesday, December 7

“So anyone looking at videos for things like this, I’d recommend Acesight VR first and foremost above the others.”

Crazy Blind Jake

"My son watched a football game in a stadium with Acesight VR."

A Father

"He can see thing now that he hasn’t been able to see for close to two years now. "

John H.

"I can't say enough about the awesome product and great customer service."

Carol C.

"I’ll take the Acesight VR for my particular vision loss. Thank you for your outstanding service and support in helping me make the best decision possible."

Jay H.


Just wanted you to know that the AceSight VR arrived in good shape this week. Ive had a couple of days to get to know it. Heres my quick review…


  • easy to set up and use. I like its simplicity.
  • The image quality is outstanding. I was hoping for more clarity but the blurriness is more a result of my vision than the device, Im sure.
  • Love the brightness settings for my vision..
  • The wireless controller is easy to use and intuitive. Love the very fast zoom.


  • The field of view is not quite as wide as the [brand name hidden] but adequate for my vision.
  • I was surprised and disappointed that the controller does not have a sturdy clasp that would accommodate a lanyard. The device is too easy to drop or misplace, especially for those of us with little vision.


The Ace Sight VR is the best, overall wearable that tried for my vision. I’ve tested [brand name hidden], [brand name hidden], [brand name hidden] and [brand name hidden]. At the end of the day, I’ll take the AceSight Vr for my particular vision loss. Thank you for your outstanding service and support in helping me make the best decision possible.

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