7. Moving Around with Acesight

Acesight Instructional Video #7: Moving Around with Acesight


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Ok, so in just a moment you’re going to see some shots of me walking around.  Walking around is another key differentiator between Acesight and other wearable glasses.

What is the difference you ask? Well, the difference actually is in the design of this unit. Notice how open this is. This visor is actually transparent.

So, if you have some peripheral vision, as I do, I can actually see my hands from here, and I can see them all the way around here peripherally. But I can also see below me so I can see my hands here, and I can see everything down to the table and to my waist.

So, when you use an Acesight for, let’s say, reading some sheet music or perhaps you want to use it kind of walk around, either walking around your home or an office, or a school.

You could also try walking outside. The only kind of cautionary note we would say is if you need a cane or walker or some other type of assistance when you’re walking, you need to continue using that.

But the great thing is that you’ll notice if I turn to the side, you can probably see my profile here and my eye. This is what I’m talking about, it’s totally open. I don’t have any feelings of dizziness when I’m moving around. More importantly, when I’m walking around if I happen to see an obstacle like a desk as I approach it, that image will start to become visible to my peripheral sight.

At any time, I can glance down while wearing Acesight while the camera is looking straight ahead. So, use Acesight, you can take it to the store, take it to a restaurant, take it to school to work or to a friend house, anywhere you happen to be travelling and we’ll be able to magnify the world as you move around in it.

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