2. Headset

Acesight Instructional Video #2: Headset


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Ok, so now we’re going to take a closer look at Acesight which consists of two main components. The first, which we are going to come back and look at more detail in a second is the controller. I will just put that to one side.

The headset though, is really the brains of the system. At the front we’ll lift this up slightly. You’ll notice that we have a plastic visor. The purpose of this visor is to protect the two small screens that are inside. These are the screens that project what you are looking at. What you’re looking at is captured through a small camera which sits just above the bridge of nose in between the eye.

You might notice two dials on either side of Acesight. There are used to adjust the Interpupillary distance (IPD). When you first put on Acesight, you might want to close one eye and with the other one open, make sure the display on that side of the face is okay. And then repeat for the other side. Once that’s set, you probably don’t need to change it again.

There are some additional buttons along the top edge of Acesight. The one on your left is the button to increase brightness. The one on your right is to decrease brightness. The button in the middle of this time does not have any function. When the device is shipped from the factory, it is shipped with the brightest setting. So, you can use it indoors. If you’re going outside, which as long as it’s not raining, you’re perfectly fine doing so, you might want to decrease brightness just to compensate for the sun.

I’m going to turn the device around and at the back of the headset we have a ridged dial. As I turn this to the left, it loosens. And if you observe to the right and the left the headset is actually coming apart. This is to allow people with different shaped and sized heads. I’ve gone to the far extreme. Once you’re there it simply stops moving.

If this were on my head, I would then just turn the dial to tighten until it feels snug. It shouldn’t hurt. You should feel comfortable. Speaking of comfort, you will notice that we have some nice padding at the front and rear of the device. This will allow you to wear this several hours at a time, if you so choose.

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